English K - 6

Tailored tutoring for a better understanding of grammar concepts and excellence.


The significance of English as a language can be augmented by the fact that listening, reading, writing, comprehension and thinking are skills required for all other school subjects. Some students need a little extra help with reading fluency or comprehension skills. While some enjoy reading a lot, they do need help in grammatical concepts or advanced literature. For a few, they struggle with the basic concepts. Whatever the challenges are, we identify the gaps and are dedicated to working together with the student to realize their goals.

Our Approach

we ensure that each student gets the needed attention of a committed teacher to learn at their own pace. The assigned teacher will help students in building a base and clearing concepts so that proper learning is fostered. Our English programs are designed to help students hone their grammatical skills, comprehension skills, essay writing and creative writing skills.

What we offer

Our English learning programs are based on Australian Curriculum covering Years Kindy to 6. Our programs are focused on honing language, literature and literacy skills in each student. We focus on developing listening, reading, writing and creative skills in the English language which helps them in all other subjects too. As the student advances, the focus moves to strengthen and enhance these skills. We prepare students for final school examinations, as well as NAPLAN tests in Years 3 and 5.


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