Maths K - 6

Tailored tutoring for a better understanding of concepts and making friends with numbers


When it comes to math, students often showcase a lack of interest in the subject. It could be fear of numbers, formulas or simply lack of understanding the concept. This makes the subject uninteresting, and ultimately compounds negative feelings towards the subject. On the other extreme, some of them find losing interest in the subject if they are not challenged enough. No matter at what stage the student is, we assess their current level of understanding on concepts and tailor programs aligned to their ability making maths interesting for them. Our in-house tutors hold the knowledge and expertise to ensure your child receives the necessary guidance to succeed and achieve their goal.

Our Approach

Our expert tutors offer personalized one-one math tutorials to help students fortify their foundation in the subject. Each student receives personalized attention and regular assessments help record the progress made by the child. Tailor-made lessons help in increasing your child’s interest in math, thus contributing in the better understanding of the subject. The lesson plans focus on the problematic areas whilst respecting each student’s pace and grasping ability.

What we offer

Our Maths learning programs cover Years Kindy to 6. We focus on building proficiency in concepts like numbers, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. The aim is to build on the foundation of the concepts taught in the school, reinforce the concepts through practice and explore further to gain mastery on each. We prepare students for the final school examinations. We also prepare students for NAPLAN tests in Years 3 and 5.


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