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By: Sprouts Academy

What is an educational therapist and how do they help with dyslexia?

  Educational therapists are specially trained to work with children who think and learn differently. Not all educational therapists are teachers. Psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists can also provide educational therapy services. The therapist will work with you and your child’s teachers to design a plan that meets his needs. An educational […]

By: Sprouts Academy

Sprouts Academy Private Tutoring vs. Learning Centers: Which One Is Right for You?

Parents often wonder how private tutoring programs differ from community learning centers. To find out which one is for you, read on! Learning Centers. Learning centers are traditionally based on a grade-level curriculum and assist students by providing extra practice through pre-written assignments, exercises, and tests. This may be a good option if your student […]

By: Sprouts Academy

What are the advantages of studying with Sprouts Academy Tutor in Sydney?

  Tutors are necessary because everyone learns differently, but not everyone has access to a teacher who applies an effective teaching style. With lessons from a qualified Sprouts Academy tutors, the student can improve their grades and learn English or math in a shorter period of time. Mentoring helps to internalize what has been learned […]

By: Shivam

Benefits Of Private Tutoring in Sydney

We know that how difficult it can be to find a ideal tutor and while searching, all the queries come to your mind like : how do i know who’s perfect for my child , are they going to understand them ? How well do they know the subject ? Lets fix that, Sprouts Academy […]

By: Carissa Truong

Social Media Effects on Mental Health

The most popular social media platforms that draw concern are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the most recently trending mobile application Tiktok. As much as there are benefits to allowing children these kinds of luxuries, there is growing concern from experts and health organizations. Cassette tapes and newspapers are a thing of the past. Those who […]

By: Carissa Truong

Work Smarter Not Harder

“The reason why you’re not getting the results (that I expect) is because you’re not studying hard enough!” said every parent. As much as that statement is true, and there is no denying that they could always do more, where do we draw the line where ‘more’ backfires? Although parents largely control the standard and […]

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