Benefits Of Private Tutoring

We know that how difficult it can be to find a ideal tutor and while searching, all the queries come to your mind like : how do i know who’s perfect for my child , are they going to understand them ? How well do they know the subject ? Lets fix that, Sprouts Academy […]

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Cassette tapes and newspapers are a thing of the past. Those who were born into the 21st century no longer recognise these communication tools, and have quickly and inevitably adapted to modern technology, a bittersweet consequence of technological advancements that have now shaped our culture and social norms. Undeniably, these media channels (e.g. computer, smartphone, […]

Work Smarter Not Harder

“The reason why you’re not getting the results (that I expect) is because you’re not studying hard enough!” said every parent. As much as that statement is true, and there is no denying that they could always do more, where do we draw the line where ‘more’ backfires? Although parents largely control the standard and […]

Putting Learning Into Practice

“It is necessary to combine knowledge born from study with sincere practice in our daily lives. These two must go together.” Dalai Lama As society becomes more progressive, changes to the education system are inevitable to meet the complexities of the individual. However that takes time, and for now it is still lingering in its […]

A tale as old as time

Beauty and the Beast; a classic fairy-tale which is one of the many fairy tales children read and enjoy. There are others such as Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Jack and the Beanstalk and many more. They’re just stories. But why are these stories brought to children at such a young age? Classified as fiction, […]

What and how to study when home-schooled?

In the current state, with home-schooling being adapted by majority of the parents for some time, every parent will have different expectations and techniques. But the most important fact that should be remembered at all times is that there is not just one or two subjects those are important. All the subjects chosen by their […]

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