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How Well is Your English Proficiency

How Well is Your English Proficiency

When the question, “how well is your English?” is asked, on average, everybody replies that their level of English is advanced. But a lot of us happen to misjudge the difference between speech and writing.


A speech includes many abstracts. We are aware that depending on what we are saying, we choose our words and tone. For example, when we are explaining something to a child, we are aware that we need to be soft towards them so they are not pressurised with our words, or when we are entertaining someone, we make sure that there is a certain excitement in our voice so the person who’s listening is excited too. Similarly, when you are talking and you use the wrong order of word, you can change from a casual speaking technique to formal and back, to put your point forward with it making sense to the listener. We know who we are talking to and how, what we want to deliver should be delivered. But writing is writing the same?.


When you are writing, you may have a certain age group or set of people who you are writing for. Such as, novels, children’s story books or textbooks of a certain subject, all are written for a certain set of people. Children today by the age of 9, are very much intrigued by the Harry Potter series because it has the excitement, thrill and imagination that fascinates them. But what a lot of them do not pick up what ignites their visualisation. For example, how, when a scenario is being explained, the language technique is formal and descriptive for imagination, and when there’s speech, the casual words used to deliver the emotion.


Children have an imagination which is, in casual words, mind blowing! And what I believe is that they need to write down their imagination whilst understanding that what you speak and write are two different types of English. You are not answering how well you can speak or write, you are answering how well you can deliver in both speech and writing when you’re asked the level of your English.


Children are motivated when they are given the opportunity to write their imagination and then getting excited when they learn how using different words in writing, makes the reader visualize their imagination.


Want to try? Give them a set of words and watch the wheels in their brains turn.

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