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English Tuition At Oran Park Sydney

Private English Tutors K-6 at Oran Park, Sydney

• We offer exhaustive tuition programs in the English language from Years Kindy to 6.
• We offer private, one on one or group tuitions in the subject depending on the child’s requirements that we analyse through our thorough assessment process.
• We prepare students for the final school examinations.
• We also prepare students for NAPLAN tests in Years 3 and 5.

So guess what...? You have come to the best tutors for your kids at Oran Park! Now that we have answered the top three technical questions parents normally ask let us move on to the most important question that really matters.

where is the issue?

So Where Is The Issue?

You see, it is interesting that the fact that English is the most common mode of communication makes it the most taken for granted subject at school.

The children may not be speaking the most appropriate versions of it also due to heavy influence of local slangs or cultural backgrounds eventually affecting their English grammar

What We Do Is...

  • Our English teachers focus on honing language, literature and literacy skills in each student.
  • Our programs focus on developing listening, reading, writing and creative skills in the English language which helps them in all other subjects too.
  • Our English language development programs are designed to help students hone their grammatical skills, comprehension skills, essay writing and creative writing skills.
  • We introduce fun and practical exercises covering vast topics to make the learning interesting.
  • We encourage them to read beyond the books of their curriculum and help them try and find their voice, their expressions.
  • Each student gets the needed attention of a committed teacher to learn at their own pace.
what we do


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