Tailored program for building creative, analytical and reasoning skills

General Ability Tuition At Oran Park Sydney

Private General Ability Tutors K-6 at Oran Park, Sydney

The very basis of all our tuition courses at Sprouts Academy is to train children to develop an independent thinking and put their knowledge to practical use whether its English, Maths or General Ability.

We offer private, one on one or group tuitions in the subject depending on the child’s requirements that we analyse through our thorough assessment process.

General Ability, often referred as general aptitude plays a significant role in the Australian Curriculum.

We teach general ability from year 2 to year 6 and in sync with the schools modules.

Where Is The Issue?

Learning General Abilities is not really an issue but the grasping power of each child is different. Some are quicker in pushing their limits to build skills like out of the box thinking and problem solving abilities, other take time.

We believe that, education is not just limited to being academically sound but expanding your skill sets to be able to take on the competitive world. General Abilities help add complimentary dimensions to learning.

What We Do...

  • The General ability program focuses on the student’s capability to apply knowledge and skills in various circumstances with their ability to think and reason well.
  • Our programs are integrated with literacy and numerical skills. With this the students learn to develop critical and creative thinking and adopt innovative approach to solve problems.
  • Critical thinking skills are taught through interpreting, reasoning, evaluating and explaining case studies.
  • Creative thinking is taught by applying new ideas in a specific situation, identifying an alternative approach, or simply to act on intuition.
  • Our worksheets are creative endeavour of context to situation, investigations and analysis.
  • We provide tailored sequence of contents on enhancing the child’s analytical , numerical and abstract reasoning skills
  • As the students progress, we increase the level of worksheet to help stimulate their minds. The depths of questions allow students to progress on higher levels before they explore them at school giving them an edge over their peers, improving their overall confidence.
What We do.


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