Tailored tutoring for a better understanding of concepts and making friends with numbers

Maths K-6 Tuition At Oran Park Sydney

Private Maths Tutors K-6 at Oran Park, Sydney

• We offer exhaustive tuition programs in the Maths language from Years Kindy to 6.
• We offer private, one on one or group tuitions in the subject depending on the child’s requirements that we analyse through our thorough assessment process.
• We prepare students for the final school examinations.
• We also prepare students for NAPLAN tests in Years 3 and 5.

So guess what...? You have come to the best tutors for your kids at Oran Park!

Now that we have answered the top three technical questions parents normally ask let us move on to the most important question that really matters.

Where is the Issue?

So Where Is The Issue?

Sprouts is an academy of expert teachers who have come to understand that the problem with Maths is that it is rarely a love of any student’s life. They often showcase a lack of interest in the subject out of fear of numbers and formulas that sound complicated.

All these inhibitions however stem from the lack of understanding the concept and clarity in basics.

What We Do is...

  • We make learning Maths Fun. Our expert pool of tutors has evolved fun filled and logic based exercises in our modules.
  • Our tutors focus on fortifying the child’s foundation in the subject. Hence, we focus on building proficiency in concepts like numbers, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.
  • Tailor-made tuition lessons are designed to help increase the child’s interest. And these lesson plans focus on the problematic areas whilst respecting each student’s pace and grasping ability.
  • We aim to build on the foundation of the concepts taught in the school, reinforcing the concepts through practice, practice and practice!
What We do.


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