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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” ~ Albert Einstein

Simple yet powerful words that form the basis of the Sprouts Academy.
We believe that English and Maths are the building blocks of professional education. A strong hold over these subjects is the stepping stone to excellence in any career a child might eventually choose. Keeping this in mind our primary school tutoring programs are designed to train young minds rather than tame them. We help them get a better understanding of the basics of these subjects resulting in practical applications eventually.

Every child is unique. Come take a free assessment to help us gage their abilities before we can assign them their tuition program.

Sprouts Academy Offering Innovative & Interactive Learning Sessions
Learning Process

Why Are We The Best Maths And English Tuition Options For You At The Oran Park?


One on One Coaching

Every child has different needs. Some do better with one on one coaching. Therefore we offer individual attention for such children.

Best Tuition in Oran Park Sydney

School Aligned Teaching

To avoid additional strain or any stress on the tiny tots we have aligned our tutoring programs with school curriculum.


Transparent Tutoring

Our tutoring system allows complete transparency. Regular updates allow both students as well as parents to track the progress.


Personalised Tutoring

The personal plan, formulated for each student, is upgraded on the basis of progress made by the student.


Expert Tutors

We hire only the best. Our teachers work dedicatedly to provide support and guidance to the students.

How It Works

How It Works
01. Book your free assessment

01. Book your free assessment

Get in touch with us for your FREE assessment. There is absolutely no obligation and nothing to pay to book an assessment from our subject matter experts... read more

02. Detailed assessment by expert Tutors

02. Detailed assessment by expert Tutors

Specialist tutors conduct detailed examination to identify target gaps in students’ learning and help them reach their goals... read more

03. Tailored program as per a childs need

03. Tailored program as per a childs need

Customised lessons designed to address each students needs, delivered one on one... read more

04. Achieve your true potential

04. Achieve your true potential

Consistently improve your school performance, increase confidence, and shape firm study skills that help in all aspects of life... read more

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