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Primary K-6

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Contact Sprouts Academy Oran Park to find your desired tutor. We have a talented and dedicated team of expert teachers and tutors that provide quality education to primary and secondary students.

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We provide flexible group and one-on-one tutoring sessions at Sprouts Academy Oran Park. Our sessions cater to you and your child based on your unique needs. Liaise with us to book your perfect tutoring session.

Secondary 7-10
Senior 11-12

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Our sessions are tailored to your child’s learning requirement with individualised lesson plans, so that your child gets the support they need. Our transparent tutoring techniques and methods enables students and parents to track their progress with our system of feedback-based learning provided by our home tutors and private tutors.

Senior 11-12
Senior 11-12

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Our tutors are dedicated to their students and are excellent resources to have on hand as your child moves through primary school to secondary school. Our trained teachers are subject-matter experts who aim to provide long-term additional guidance and support to you and your child.

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Sprouts Academy Oran Park is the best private tuition center near you. We provide a range of tailored, subject-specific tuition programs in either group or one-on-one sessions. We specialize in high-quality English and Math tutoring and general ability and NAPLAN assistance programs for all age groups. Our tutoring sessions are practical and resource-based to equip your child with the necessary skills to perform well at school. Our team of trained tutors and teachers aim to provide the best education and support for your child while considering every child’s unique needs. Connect with us at Sprouts Academy Oran Park to arrange your first FREE tuition lesson!

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I cannot highly recommend Sprouts Academy. I had moved into the area early this year and started to seek additional learning for my children as I was unhappy with the education my children were getting at there current school. My kids aged 8 and 9 have learnt so much in the last 8 weeks in both English and Maths with Sprouts Academy then they have in the last year at school.The kids get homework each week that explain what they learnt during class and worksheets to complete until the next class. I cannot explain the joy it is to see the children work through something that they just learnt and have joy in completing it and sharing their work with me. Also, I find myself learning with them. If your thinking about getting your kids tutored, you can’t go wrong with Sprouts Academy.', 'sprouts_academy Read More
Jessica Lagudi
My daughter started with Sprouts Academy 2 months ago for Maths and we have see such an improvement not only with Maths but with her confidence. Inderpreet and his teachers are great with all the kids and make learning less daunting. I highly recommend Sprouts Academy to anyone who is looking to boost their childs confidence in Maths and the classroom. Read More
Wendy Milojkovic
My son has been with sprouts academy for only 4 weeks, I honestly can't rate this high enough so far. He is actually wanting to write and read. Before coming to sprouts it was so hard to get him to read do homework, I can\'t wait to see how far he will come by the end of the year. Read More
Cathy Hutchinson
Sprouts Academy is highly recommended for Maths/English tuitions! Tutors at Sprouts Academy are well qualified and ensure that kids learn in a safe environment! They make learning fun so the students enjoy the subjects. Read More
Sdny Dhillon
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Book Your Trial Class

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