How we work at Sprouts Academy

Every child has a learning journey and a good tuition provides an added support to make that journey fulfilling. We at Sprouts Academy follow a methodical process to ensure every child is given the exact kind of guidance they may need. For some, group coaching brings out the best amongst students while others learn best through one on one guidance. So how do we know? Let us walk you through our working style.


The first step is a detailed assessment of the child. The primary reason we stress on it is because it helps us identify the exact gap in each students learning pattern. Its helps us understand if they need help in clarifying their concepts or making their base stronger or simply more practice to excel.

A thorough assessment then takes us to our next step, of devising a tailored program specific to each child.

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Tailored Tutoring

Our pool of expert tutors have come together to develop teaching programs that are in sync with the Australian curriculum to avoid any confusions or added stress to our students.

Our learning methodology includes but is not limited to worksheets and books. Infact we opt for alternate and fun filled methods of teachings for a better grasp and understand of the subjects.

We teach each child passionately to help them walk smoothly up their learning curve.

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Hand Hold Each Child To Success

A strong hold over English and Maths will become a stepping stone to excellence in any career a child might eventually choose. Keeping this in mind our primary school tutoring programs are designed to train young minds towards practical applications of the subjects eventually.

Progress And Feedback

Parents are the first teachers to their children. What children learn at home and the kind of support parents can provide for their child is unparalleled.

So we work closely with the parents by giving the constant updates on what their child has learnt, topics they have mastered and the next course of action.

Regular feedback is provided to parents through in-house assessments and weekly home assignments.

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