The primary reason we lay emphasis on a pre assessment is that it helps us identify the exact gap exists in each student. Whether you need help in clarifying your concepts or making your base stronger or simply need to practice and excel , we identify precisely where you are with your learning journey and devise tailored programs accordingly.

Once the assessment is done, we match the right tutor for you and guide you by one on one counselling. For some, group coaching brings out the best amongst students while others learn best through one on one coaching.

A well designed assessment help you define your learning gaps, pick the starting point of your journey and put you through the right tutor.

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Tailored Program For Your Needs

Stemming from the passion to teach our programs are defined from the belief that every child is different and so are their individual learning needs. Our programs act as an anchor to the school curriculum to prepare them with skills required in the competitive world.

The content is designed and built by subject experts and ensure you learn what is covered in school.

Our learning methodology is not just confined to worksheets and assessment. We also adopt creative means to explain complex topics in the most simplistic way. Every child has his learning journey, are our tutors work passionately to make the walk smoother.

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Progress And Feedback

We believe in working along with the parents through the students learning progress. Hence we track what they have learned, topics they have masters and the next course of action. Regular feedback is provided to parents through inhouse assessments and weekly home assignments. The home assignments are checked with detailed feedback and sent back home for parents to review the students progress.

At the end of each term detailed assessment is done and mastered feedback is sent to parents on the learning .

Achieving Your True Potential

Our custom programs helps you build a strong base, strengthen concepts and excel in them. We handhold students through this exciting journey of learning, help them face challenges in academics, prepare them for exams and moulding them to become their best version.

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