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What is an educational therapist and how do they help with dyslexia?

What is an educational therapist and how do they help with dyslexia?


Educational therapists are specially trained to work with children who think and learn differently. Not all educational therapists are teachers.

Psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists can also provide educational therapy services. The therapist will work with you and your child’s teachers to design a plan that meets his needs.

An educational therapist can work with your child on school subjects as part of a general learning plan to develop skills. But the main goal is to teach you strategies to be a more effective learner.

This means that the therapist monitors your child’s progress and may modify teaching strategies if necessary, so that he or she develops the skills necessary to become a successful and independent student.

Read more about the difference between a tutor and an educational therapist.

Can a tutoring center help with dyslexia?

If your child needs help with difficulties caused by dyslexia, it may be best to find an educational therapist or reading specialist. This is because tutors in many tutoring centers may lack the specific training to work with children who have dyslexia.

However, there are some centers that offer specialized services for children with dyslexia. For example, there are approximately 50 centers for children with dyslexia in 13 states. These centers provide free tutoring services to students who have been formally evaluated for dyslexia. Tutors at these centers have been trained in multisensory methods.

Find out what to look for in a tutor if your child has dyslexia. And see examples of multisensory techniques for teaching reading.

How can I find a best tutor in Sydney?

First, find out what area your child needs help with. Also, can:

  • Ask the school for recommendations.
  • Contact children’s hospitals and universities to see if they have a list of providers.
  • Get a list of questions for potential tutors. Know the signs that your child needs tutoring to finish the year. Get tips on how to make it easier for your child’s tutor and teachers to communicate.

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