Much like students lose interest in studies, teachers can also lose motivation to show up to class and teach the students continuously on a daily basis. However, motivation is one of the key factors in effective teaching.

Here are a few ways in which teachers can motivate themselves to keep teaching every day.

Set daily goals:

Setting goals to achieve daily is a productive method of keeping yourself motivated. Most of the times, teachers might find themselves in situations in which they feel like things are out of their control or they are not able to perform to best of their abilities. It is advised that teachers should set small yet achievable goals every day. May it be staying calm throughout the day, having an interactive session with your students, or even conducting an activity in class. In this way the teachers will be aware of what they want to achieve and can also reflect on their achievements at the end of the day. Each day, setting goals can provide teachers with renewed motivation to achieve those milestones.

Updating your workplace:

Research shows that your workplace has a significant impact on the employee’s productivity and motivation. Most teachers may feel drained due to the reason that there is nothing in their office that provides them positive energy and uplifts them to keep following their teaching passion. To fix this, teachers can redecorate their workplace with pictures of their family, pets and other components that increase happiness, which in return will provide them with the motivation to keep teaching every day they come in.

Trying something new:

Another reason teachers might feel demotivated is because of a constant routine they have been following for a prolonged time period. Repetition can cause teachers to lose interest and become a target for demotivation. Putting yourself out there for new experiences and technology can provide you the motivation to keep teaching. For example, if you have always started your class with normal greetings and then getting straight to teaching, then it is time to change the constant variables. You can have a little interactive session with the students about how their day is going or even conduct a small yoga session. Sometimes the smallest changes are enough to provide you the motivation to keep teaching and give it your best.

Motivational quotes:

Reading inspirational and motivational quotes at the start of the day can help you bring forth positive energy to teaching your class. Words hold immense power, therefore they can aid in providing you the motivation you require. Here are examples of a few quotes that can help build the motivation levels.

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning”

“Today you lead the school, tomorrow your students will lead the world.

Addressing problems:

Every drop of motivation you attain to teach your students can go down the drain if there is a continuous chain of uprising problems in the class. These problems can have a negative effect on your motivational energy. Learn to counter to those problems. Another thing to remember is that not always is there only one solution to solve a specific problem. You can make use of various approaches to utilize in countering uprising problems in the class. The important thing is to address them instead of overlooking these issues because the negative energy in the classroom can demotivate you to keep teaching.

Teach meaningful things:

It doesn’t matter what subject you teach whether it be mathematics or history, the main purpose of a teacher is betterment of the life of their students. Along with the course you teach show your students inspirational clips. Students also relate to teachers on different levels, hence another way to go could be to share your life lessons on how you handle adversity in your life. Teach them knowledge and skills apart from the usual course that will help them in the long run. This will remind you of why you wanted to become a teacher in the first place, to show your students the way of life and watch them succeed and achieve great things.

Don’t give up:

The key to stay motivated is to never give up. It’s not possible that the motivation to keep teaching will remain with you as a constant because there’ll be good days and there’ll be bad days. However, to keep moving forward it is essential that during the relatively worse days you try to look at the bright side and stay positive without lose hope. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not being motivated all the times. Sometimes, you’re overworked and it is important to give yourself some leverage and space. If possible take a few days off to give yourself the required time and gather yourself, clear your mind and surely you will come back as motivated as you can be.

Don’t overwork:

Teaching doesn’t always mean that your students will also learn at the same pace. Working more than you are required to do so and going extra lengths in your work can also cause demotivation. Therefore, take your time to steadily work through the course. Don’t move too fast with completing the course, checking assignments and quizzes, and generally overburdening yourself.  Design and implement a pattern of daily routine that doesn’t leave you exhausted.

Keeping balance:

Another method to stay motivated is to keep a balance between your personal life and work life. If one interferes the other, the imbalance might cause a ripple of negativity impacts and demotivate you in your teaching. This can be overcome by making a work schedule that doesn’t interfere with your personal life.

Personal space:

Personal space is a necessary factor to stay motivated and keep teaching. Each day, give some time to yourself. Watch your favorite shows, listen to your favorite music, go for a peaceful walk, etc. Try to remove stress from your mind by blocking any thought related to work or teaching during your leisure time. Sometimes the teacher becomes so indulged in teaching that they forget that they have a life to themselves as well. Being a teacher doesn’t mean you stop having fun in life. Learn to make time for your mental health as well.

Read books:

Books are another effective source of motivation. There is a wide range of inspirational stories out there that can help motivate teachers and remind them the great responsibility that comes with their role.

Building a connection with students:

It comes as no surprise when a teacher feels demotivated to teach because the positive interaction between you and your students doesn’t exist. Sometimes your students can provide you the motivation to keep teaching. This can be done by effectively interacting with the students. Asking their opinion on what are their views related to your teaching methodology.

Build a good relationship because your audience, in this case- your students, play an essential role in keeping you motivated. This is because if the class is not interacting or participating it creates a dull environment which consequently effects your motivation to teach as well. Whereas, if your class is engaging and participates actively then it automatically provides you the motivation to keep teaching.

In some cases if the students are not happy with your teaching methodologies then you can change them accordingly because improved results can bring improved connection with students and as a result, the motivation to keep teaching.

Keep a diary:

Writing a diary every day is another constructive way of staying motivated. Keeping record in a diary helps you keep track of your everyday progress. It also provides you the opportunity to reflect back on the day. Helps you comes up with new teaching ideas and techniques that will motivate both you and your students. Writing about a day where you weren’t able to achieve your goals can help you to think about where you went wrong and then come up with improvements that will strengthen your motivation to keep teaching.

Attend workshops:

Sometimes all we need is a little pep talk to get us back on track. If the books and inspirational movies are failing in providing the required motivation, workshops won’t. Sometimes hearing other people relate, those who have been or faced the same problem as you, can provide you a different and a new perspective to teaching which can help boost your motivation.

Talk to your colleagues:

ear of being judged by fellow colleagues more often than not can result in a teacher being hesitant to discuss their demotivation with others. But the truth is there is nothing wrong in feeling demotivated and to asking for advice from your fellow colleagues. They might be able to help you and share their perspective and method on how they themselves overcome demotivation to continue teaching. In this way, they might be able to help you get back on track and provide you the motivation that you have been lacking to keep teaching. All you have to do is get out of your shell to talk to them and give them a chance to be able to help you.

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