Parents often wonder how private tutoring programs differ from community learning centers. To find out which one is for you, read on!

Learning Centers.

Learning centers are traditionally based on a grade-level curriculum and assist students by providing extra practice through pre-written assignments, exercises, and tests.

This may be a good option if your student is coming to school with a strict curriculum and they want to get homework for extra practice. Additionally, learning centers typically offer group instruction. On the other hand, private tutoring is a one-on-one method that has been tailored to your student’s individual needs, strengths, and learning styles.

The tutors who work with us can be viewed as academic coaches – we adjust our approach and adopt strategies to fit current requirements.

Private tutoring is probably a better option for students who are starting to fall behind or need to catch up on past material, as tutors we have the unique ability to go back to previous sections that may be unclear. This also means that students can take their time and work on challenging concepts at their own pace.

Accessibility and convenience.

One of the main strengths of private tutoring is convenience – each program is designed from the ground up to fit your scheduling needs. Learning centers are slightly different due to the nature of their process – since multiple students are being taught at the same time, learning centers have set hours of operation during the week.

Another difference is that students will need transportation to and from the learning center. Perhaps a hidden benefit of learning centers is that students are being supervised, so parents are free to use that time to run errands before picking up their children.

On the other hand, private tutoring is meant to meet the needs of the family – the tutors we work with can come to you, not the other way around. For families with busy schedules or who need tutoring later in the afternoon or on weekends, private tutoring is a clear winner.

Tutor Doctor Safety Tip:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, tutoring options have changed. With many schools closed due to health guidelines, learning centers are in the same situation. With private tutoring, there is much more flexibility, both with home tutoring and online.

One of the main benefits of sprouts academy private tutoring is one-on-one instruction, which lends itself perfectly to remote or face-to-face learning and Tutor Doctor offers a range of remote options. To learn more, click here.

  • Ask the school for recommendations.

  • Contact children’s hospitals and universities to see if they have a list of providers.

  • Get a list of questions for potential tutors. Know the signs that your child needs tutoring to finish the year. Get tips on how to make it easier for your child’s tutor and teachers to communicate.

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