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For any learning process to be a success it is most important for a bond to form between the pupil and teacher. We at the Sprouts Academy understand this and also the fact that every child is unique and so are his needs.Some blossom in a group and others need a more personal nurturing.
After a thorough assessment of each child we decide which of the following two services they need:

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One On One Tutoring

Some students are not very comfortable as compared to others in actively seeking support and guidance from their tutors. For them One on one tutoring does the best to help form a positive student-tutor relationship which in turn is vital for establishing a learning environment.

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Group Tutoring

Our tutoring academy in Oran park is second to none because the quality we offer. Our modern and innovative methods of teaching make studies fun, concepts more understandable, and a definite batch cap provides enough attention to each child even in groups.

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We make learning effortless with innovative learning sessions
helping you stand out amongst your peers
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Custom learning Package

We offer specialised learning materials and plans which are aligned to school curriculum. However the variety in methodologies sets them apart. We use not just worksheets and books but also other relatable and fun filled methods of teachings for a better grasp and understanding of the subjects.

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Practice. Practice. Practice.

At Sprout’s Academy we help our pupils to understand the importance of extensive practice to hone their skills. Regular works are given to student at home . Infact we will help them inculcate this success mantra and practice it across all aspects of life.

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Increased Confidence

Our students stand out amongst the students of other academies at Oran park due to their confidence and self belief. This is because we encourage them to understand and then apply what they learning to real life situations than blindly mugging up books.

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Achieve Your True Potential

The session of each child at the Sprouts Academy begins a thorough assessment to figure their special needs for academic progress. Then we formulate a customised tuition plan best suited to stimulate their enthusiasm for each subject, eventually helping the, excel in it.

We help you cover everything in the syllabus, reinforce concepts and techniques required to get that extra edge in academics.
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Taught By Subject Experts

Our tutors are experts in their field who constantly come up with innovative ideas beyond books and worksheets for improving our student’s learning experience. All teachers at the Sprouts Academy have WWCC (Working With Children Check) and 100 Points check.

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Refine Your Understanding

We pride ourselves to stress on fortifying our pupils foundation in the subjects they learn with us and this is what sets us apart from all other tuition academies Oran park . We focus on building proficiency in concepts and basics of each subject following principles appreciative inquiry.

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Guided Exam Techniques

Our tutors ensure that the students keep pace with the school curriculum. We help you develop the right exam technique focusing on answering the questions in a manner which help you gain the confidence to attempt exam and achieve good marks ofcourse.

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Flexible Pace

We at the Sprouts Academy are very careful to never rush our children or stress them with ticking off topics from their curriculum. We let them progress at their own pace gently nudging them in the right direction and tactfully empowering them by building their basics.

Our personalized approach helps you fill the gaps in your
knowledge and keep pace with academics in school
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Simplify Complex Concepts With Ease.

Our expert tutors develop a growth plan for each child based in their assessment and the areas of improvement marked through it. As the students progress, we increase the level of learning to help stimulate their minds.

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Greater Communication

At Sprouts Academy our tutors encourage the students to apply knowledge and skills in various circumstances with their ability to think and reason well. A lot of importance is given for an open and clear discussion between teachers and pupils.

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One On One Approach

Our endeavour is to provide a personalised learning experience to each child. We respect the fact that some children need a more personal time and bond with their teachers to be able to relate to their teachings.In our personal tutoring sessions our tutors hand hold each child in their learning journey, without time being a constraint.

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Regular Feedback and

Parents who have been sending their children to us claim we are the best tuition academy in Oran Park. This is because we work closely with them, keeping them up to date with their child’s progress and encouraging their support through the entire process.


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